OBPS for Macroalgae Carbon Sequestration by Rebecca Zitoun

Ocean Visions is pleased to release the first in a series of five “living” digital road maps designed to identify specific pathways forward to accelerate the development and testing of ocean-based carbon dioxide removal approaches. The Macroalgae Cultivation and Carbon Sequestration Road Map is now live and available to potential users here. The cultivation of macroalgae has the potential to play a critical role in sequestering carbon, but a supportive framework is lacking for pilot projects. Th

Ocean Practices for the Decade

We are pleased to announce that our programme Ocean Practices for the Decade is one of 60 new programmes and  contributions endorsed under the UN Ocean Decade for transformative Decade Actions. The Ocean Practices for the Decade Programme (“OceanPractices’’) will support all ocean stakeholders in securing, equitably sharing, and collectively advancing this methodological heritage. By engaging diverse communities of practice and interlinking them through FAIR digital technologies, OceanPractices

Various Opportunities at the OBPS

The OBPS is seeking a volunteer for creating and contributing an article on Wikipedia for the Ocean Best Practice System. Please send an email to newsletter[at] to communicate your interest in volunteering for the OBPS. On the other hand, the OBPS Task Team for the Value Chain Analysis and KPI development is seeking someone with a background in economics to work with the team on developing both OBPS value chain analysis and system key performance indicators. Please contact

EMODnet Jamboree Special Session: Ocean Best Practices – Improving data access and interoperability

This special session was hosted by the EMODnet Secretariat on the 16th June 2021 in the framework of the EMODnet Jamboree and was co-organised by the EMODnet partnership, the IOC Ocean Best Practices System (OBPS) team, and other key external initiatives. The Chairs were Jan-Bart Calewaert (EMODnet) Secretariat and Frank Muller-Karger (OBPS). The session included short presentations by OBPS and EMODnet to provide a high level framework with key developments, status and opportunities to set the s

Ocean Innovation Prize Application Now Open

As part of the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (‘the Ocean Decade’), the Blue Climate Initiative is thrilled to announce the launch of a global US$1 Million Ocean Innovation Prize to inspire, fund and support innovations that mitigate climate change through ocean-related strategies. Applications are encouraged as soon as possible. The competition deadline is September 15, 2021 at 23:59 PST. Visit here for more information and to apply.

5th OBPS Community Workshop: An Ocean of Values

We’re pleased to announce that the Fifth Annual OBPS Community Workshop, “An Ocean of Values” will be held from the 20th to the 24th of September! Early Information and pre-registration are available here.   We invite all members of the ocean community – including educators, scientists, citizens, artists, conservationists, cultural ambassadors, policy makers, and ocean explorers – to co-develop this workshop by proposing sessions, tracks, or other contributions that we can facilitate.   As an ov

World Ocean Assessment II Launched

The Second World Ocean Assessment (WOA II) was released on 21 April and is the newest outcome of the only integrated assessment of the world’s ocean at the global level covering environmental, economic and social aspects.  WOA II is a collective effort of interdisciplinary writing teams made up of more than 300 experts from around the world. It provides scientific information on the state of the marine environment in a comprehensive and integrated manner to support decisions and actions for the

New Paper: Interoperability, Ocean Best Practices and the Ocean Decade

The UN Ocean Decade challenges marine science to better inform and stimulate social and economic development while conserving marine ecosystems. To achieve these objectives, we must make our diverse methodologies and best practices more comparable and interoperable, expanding global participation and foster capacity development in ocean science through a new and coherent approach to best practice development. In the Call for Actions Guidance Note, the IOC encourages Ocean Decade programs “to add

Proceedings of the OBP Workshop now Published

The Evolving and Sustaining Best Practices Workshop IV was held in September 2021 (read our special newsletter issue on this here). The proceedings have just been published, and we invite you to read them. Volume 1 is a summary of the workshop outcomes and Volume 2 offers more details of each Working Group’s discussions and recommendations.

IOC Manuals and Guide 84 (BP4BP) is now available!

The IOC Manuals and Guides 84 : Towards a Best Practice for Developing Best Practices in Ocean Observation (BP4BP): Supporting Methodological Evolution through Actionable Documentation,  is now available online. This guide can help authors of ocean methods, guides, manuals, and other documents to support the evolution of their documents into community-wide best practices. This well-documented manual is more FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable, reproducible) in order to promote the interact

Best Practices for Best Practices (BP4BP)

Author: Cora Hӧrstmann We are excited to share our article “Perspectives on Documenting Methods to Create Ocean Best Practices” focusing on the challenges and opportunities of ocean observation method documentation that we just published in Frontiers in Marine Science under the research theme Best Practices in Ocean Observing. We contextualize our guide for documenting best practices (Towards BP4BP) and reflect on how the effective documentation of ocean methods, standards, and guides can help t

Ocean Best Practices: A Foundational Element for the Ocean Decade

Author: Jay Pearlman The OBPS-Steering Group and many partners in the ocean community submitted a proposal to the IOC called “Ocean Practices for the Decade”. A brief summary of the proposal outlines the urgency and approach to interoperability and partnering for the Ocean Decade. Humanity’s connection to the ocean is based on how we act and react to its multifaceted wonder. Our “ocean practices” are an essential bridge between humanity’s cultural and natural heritage. The Ocean Practices for th