GlobalCoast: CoastPredict’s Global Coastal Ocean Experiment.

GlobalCoast – the Global Coastal Ocean Experiment – survey for Pilot Sites selection

This week  beginning 10 July 2023, CoastPredict launched a survey to identify Pilot Sites for GlobalCoast – the Global Coastal Ocean Experiment,  You are invited to participate in the GlobalCoast Survey.

This is your opportunity to help guide the selection of initial Pilot Sites where we will leverage existing funding and/or initiate new funding for transformative research by the CoastPredict community and its partners. We would also appreciate it if you can circulate the survey within your networks as you see relevant.

More detail is outlined in the GlobalCoast Explainer document and Explainer video on the GlobalCoast webpage. You can also access the Survey via the website. The survey remains open until 4 September @ UTC 23:59.

GlobalCoast is CoastPredict’s Global Coastal Ocean Experiment – the central framework for the coordination and practical implementation of the CoastPredict Programme. Through GlobalCoast we will demonstrate transformative science and technology for coastal ocean observing and prediction at Pilot Sites in up to 20 contrasting Regions of the Global Coastal Ocean.

The outcomes will be globally relocatable and replicable solutions, standards and applications to support coastal resilience. We are not starting from scratch – we will leverage existing expertise through CoastPredict’s Focus Area projects, such as ‘Ocean Community’, and latest advances in coastal observing and prediction.

The survey will guide the selection of Pilot Sites by: determining gaps that are known to exist in terms of stressors and vulnerabilities; mapping what work/infrastructure/data already exists (across local to internationally coordinated initiatives); collating all the regionally relevant proposed activities and aspirations for coastal resilience, within the UN Ocean Decade community, and integrating those not yet engaged.