OARS: Ocean Acidification Research for Sustainability

Call to review white papers – OARS

The UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development programme “Ocean Acidification Research for Sustainability (OARS)“, spearheaded by the Global Ocean Acidification Observing Network (GOA-ON), invites you to participate in the community review of its white papers. Deadline: 20 March 2023

The OARS programme provides a vision for ocean acidification research for the next decade by setting out a roadmap that, when implemented in collaboration with multiple partners, will deliver against seven outcomes by 2030.

These outcomes are:
 1. Enable the scientific community to provide ocean acidification data and evidence of known quality.
 2. Identify data and evidence needs for mitigation and adaptation strategies, from local to global, by 2022.

3. Co-design and implementation of observation strategies in collaboration with data/information producers and end-users by 2025.

4. Increase understanding of ocean acidification impacts to protect marine life by 2030.

5. Provide appropriate data and information necessary to the development of societally relevant predictions and projections.

6. Increase public awareness of ocean acidification, its sources and impacts.

7. Develop strategies and solutions to enable countries and regions to include measures to reduce ocean acidification in their respective policy and legislation.

Each of these seven outcomes is led by co-champions, experts in their fields, who, together with their expert working group, will develop the path towards achieving their outcomes. These seven white papers are an important step on that path: Each paper outlines the vision for the outcome, highlights the key outputs and products, describes the research and outreach activities and identifies the key inputs and partners necessary to successfully implement each outcome.   

With this review, we invite the community to provide their thoughts and input to the OARS programme and the implementation plans.

How to participate?

To participate in the review, please visit the webpage linked below to download the pdf of the outcome or outcomes you would like to review as well as the review template.

Use the template to submit your specific comments, referencing the precise outcome and page your comment ; one single template can be used to review more than one white paper.

Once you have finished the review, please send your completed template to the GOA-ON Secretariat secretariat@goa-on.org no later than 20 March 2023.