What is a Best Practice?
A best practice is a methodology that has repeatedly produced superior results relative to other methodologies with the same objective; to be fully elevated to a best practice, a promising method will have been adopted and employed by multiple organizations.
What is the OBPS?
The OBPS is a global, sustained system comprising technological solutions and community approaches to enhance management of methods as well as support the development of ocean best practices.
The oceans play a key role in global issues such as climate change, food security,…
Vicki Ferrini Bathymetry data is important observational information that can be used for a wide…
Jordan van Stavel Marine turtle, bird and mammal species are wide-ranging, large-bodied, long-lived animals that…
October 05-October 30, 2020
After taking into consideration the safety of the participants and other aspects such as likely [...]
International Oceans-Climate School will be held at the end of October 2020, in online mode. [...]