Task Teams

Task Teams of specific duration operate within the OBPS Work Package structure (see under Governance) and under the direction of the WP Lead and support specific needs related to WP objectives. The task teams leverage, but do not  duplicate, the ongoing work of other organizations considering methodology handling and best practice development.  

The teams  have well defined objectives, durations and outcomes in their Terms of Reference. Task Teams will be created when a topic is identified either from external sources or internal OBPS needs which require external volunteers.  


OBPS Task Team 22-02: Decision Trees  (under development)

OBPS Task Team 22-01: Coastal Observations in Under-resourced Countries

OBPS Task Team 21-03: Omics/eDNA Protocol Management

OBPS Task Team 21-02: Value Chain Analysis and KPI Development

OBPS Task Team 21-01: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity in Ocean Best Practices Development