Ocean Practices Federated Network



The general paradigm for data and information exchange is shifting towards distributed rather than centralised systems.



OBPS is not the only aquatic and ocean sciences  Methodology Management System (MMS).  [A  digital database system to manage and record an organization/community documented methods and procedures supporting their aquatic and ocean research.]   Communities such as Argo or ICES have their own MMS with their own approach to making their methods available.

The establishment of the OceanPractices Federated Network (OPFN)  hosted  on Ocean InfoHub underpinned by the ODIS architecture will facilitate a coordinated approach across  MMS from individual institutions or enterprises. This will enable MMS that may be siloed and often inaccessible, to interoperate and offer federated searching.



The OPFN will give freedom to communities to maintain their own MMS …

AND expose and provide greater visibility  and share their methods through the OPFN aggregator.   Only metadata is shared through the OPFN; ownership of content remains with the original MMS provider. Discovery through OPFN will transfer the searcher to the methods provider for access to full text and to where  metrics of the traffic of users will be maintained  through their own infrastructures.   OBPS, as a key component of the OPFN will still host its own MMS and will provide support to those who do not have the capability to maintain their own MMS.


If you are interested to join the OPFN, please contact info@oceanbestpractices.org