Ocean Practices Ambassadors

A key priority of the Ocean Practices for the Decade Programme is community-led capacity development in ocean best practices to promote equitable access to ocean best practices across communities,  disciplines, and regions. The early career Ocean Practices Ambassadors are representing these diverse voices, actively promoting the access and implementation of ocean best practices in the field, thereby raising awareness, building trust, and shaping ocean best practices across the entire ocean value chain.

In this multi-year programme our mission is to:

  1. Promote the adaptation, development, and implementation of ocean best practices

  2. Identify regional issues and priorities where ocean best practices are needed to help the evolution of the Ocean Best Practices System tailored to the needs and priorities of a diverse ocean community. 

Our Ambassadors:

Josephine Edwards, Lady Marine Consultancy Firm (Founder), Namibia

Laura Khatib, Guardians of the Blue (Co-founder), Lebanon :    hear about what Laura is  hoping to do in her role and how the OBPS has helped her develop a non-governmental organisation dedicated to ocean sustainability in her region https://youtu.be/-fbpyaMj0CM

Sundar Ranganathan, Ocean Observation Systems, NIOT, India

Talen Rimmer, University of Victoria, Canada

Carlotta Santolini, IUSS Pavia University of Applied Sciences, Italy

To know more about our ambassadors click here

Reach out to meet and talk with our ambassadors : ambassadors[at]oceanbestpractices.org