Ocean Decade Co-Design Workshop (GOOS)

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07/06/2022 - 09/06/2022

The Ocean Observing Co-Design Programme invites you to participate in an Ocean Decade Co-Design Workshop – June 07-09 2022. This workshop will kick-start the development of transformative co-design evaluation processes and will shape the roadmap for advancing co-design projects.

We will hear lessons learnt from co-design across GOOS and other sectors. Teams will work on the development of co-design ‘exemplar’ projects, for example around providing the ocean information needed to national governments for carbon budgets, users of marine heatwave information, and improving the forecasting of hurricanes and tropical storms.

For exemplars, teams must identify key stakeholders, projects, needs in the underlying infrastructure, and ways that groups across modelling, observing and end-users can interact to develop tools and best practices for the co-design of an integrated and responsive ocean observing system. Some exemplars are already in development, we invite suggestions for other exemplars. Registration will open early April.

The Ocean Observing Co-Design Programme aims to transform our ocean observing system design process through user-focussed co-design. We will develop tools that will allow sponsors to ask key questions about cost and benefit and receive clear answers, and all stakeholders will benefit from knowledge, products and services being delivered more effectively. Read more about the program.