Evolving and Sustaining Ocean Best Practices IV, OBPS Workshop 2020 [Online]

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18/09/2020 - 30/09/2020

At the IOC Ocean Best Practices System (OBPS) Workshop IV, ocean practitioners will collaboratively address best practices as well as recommendations for the OBPS to meet community needs for advanced method development in ocean observations and applications. The outcomes  will guide the next implementation phase of the OBPS.

We believe that your recommendations will help us serve your community and advance your efforts along the following key dimensions :

  • Data, Information, Knowledge
  • Endorsement of methodological documents by communities
  • Convergence of methods across scales (thematic, local, regional, global)
  • Development paths – how does your region/community build best practices? What does your region need? How can the OBPS better support that?


ECOP – Early Career Ocean Professionals; P= Plenary; WG/CCT= Community Consultation (CC) and Cross-cutting Themes (CCT) Working Groups.

The CC and CCT WG meetings may occur any time during the four day period indicated.

Cross-cutting Theme Working Groups

  • Convergence of methods and endorsement of best practices
  • Developing community capacities for the creation and use of BPs
  • Data and Information management: towards globally scalable interoperability
  • Ethics and BPs for ocean observing and applications
  • Ocean Uncertainty Quantification
  • Ocean Partnership Building

Community Consultation Working Groups

  • Fisheries
  • Sargassum
  • Marine Litter/Plastics
  • Air-Sea Exchange
  • Omics/eDNA

Click here for DRAFT Agenda.


Registration will be required to participate in the OBPS Workshop IV and will be opened soon.. There is no registration fee.  In accordance with data protection regulations we confirm that if you provide unique identifying information, such as name, email address and other information on forms provided to the Workshop organizers through this website or elsewhere, such information will be used only for statistical purposes and will not be published for general access nor disclosed or sold to third parties. UNESCO/IOC, however, assumes no responsibility for the security of this information


Since its first workshop in 2017, the OBPS has benefited from the community’s recommendations across disciplines and regions through annual events. For proceedings from previous workshops please see https://www.oceanbestpractices.org/publications/

The proceedings from the OBPS Workshop IV will also be made available on the OBPS website

Images of presenters, workshop group photographs, list of participants names and presentations and a workshop recording will be included in the proceedings and/or made available on the web; by registering for this workshop you grant the OBPS Workshop IV Organizers permission to do this.

For additional information, please contact:  obpcommunity@oceanbestpractices.org