OBPS Workshop IV, 2020 – Additional Information


Resource Guidance 

Working Groups (WG) have a number of alternative technologies for communication, documentation and reporting. Each working group will have a Google Drive folder for their documents. 

For communication, each working group may use Slack, email or other method of choice (see following). This OBPS WS IV TeamUp Calendar shows the latest Workshop Schedule including Working Group sessions. All these resources will be available to participants. WG leads will provide guidance on the communication and infrastructures selections that will be used for their WG activities.

All live Workshop sessions take place on Zoom and are accessed via the QiqoChat platform (see below).


After registration, you will automatically receive two emails with important additional information about how to participate in the Workshop:  

  1. Workshop Tech Overview from Eventbrite <noreply@order.eventbrite.com> Subject: Registration Confirmation for Evolving and Sustaining OBPS Workshop IV 2020 18 21-25, 30 Sep
  2. Link to access QiqoChat from ‘QiqoChat Team’ <notifications@qiqochat.com>  Subject: Participation Instructions for OBPS Workshop IV

These emails tell you how to access the QiqoChat platform, which is the “home base” from which to join all Workshop Zoom video calls and a convenient way to access the calendar, locate Google docs, and more.  This platform is open now–please take a few minutes to MAKE SURE YOU ARE ABLE TO LOG IN, get onto our dedicated Zoom lines, etc.  

To ensure that you are all comfortable with the Workshop technologies, including the QiqoChat, Zoom, TeamUp Calendar, and Slack (optional), orientation calls  were provided.   Training videos that cover this info are now available at this YouTube channel: https://bit.ly/obpsivyoutube

Slack is available to support on-line communications and discussions among participants and within Working Groups. Each WG has a Slack channel available to it. This can be used to post information, questions, and links to impromptu meetings as they arise. Please see Slack’s very helpful guides and usage tips on getting started. You can always search the Slack knowledgebase for more help. Before jumping in, please also read up on Slack etiquette.                                                                                                             

The OBPS WS IV TeamUp Calendar  provides the latest information on the schedule detail and link to each meeting.  It should default to your local time–see the bottom right-hand corner and click there to change it if necessary.  It’s easy to add single events or the entire TeamUp calendar to your own personal calendar.  Click on any session and choose “Share” to find options for that individual event.  Adding the whole calendar is explained here and also in our calendar guide video.  

  For general Workshop questions, please email: obpcommunity@oceanbestpractices.org

  For help with technology:

  • Email support@obpscommunity.org 
  • Post a comment on the #tech_support Slack channel
  • Call or WhatsApp lead tech host Ben Roberts at +1 203 733 2252