OBPS Forum [supeceded]

PLEASE NOTE this OBPS Forum is now superceded by the Ocean Practices Community of Practices and the Ocean Practices Network

the Ocean Practices Community of Practice 

Note membership of this COP is offered to those involved with other Ocean Decade Programmes only and you will need to have a Ocean Decade Network account, (forum.oceandecade.org/signup)

When you are filling in the COP signup form,  make sure to click the box next to ‘Are you involved in one or more endorsed Ocean Decade Actions?’ and fill out the name and ID number of the Decade Action. This will accelerate the approval process for this and any other COPs you will request to join. After you have filled out the form, look out for an activation link in your email from oceandecadenetwork@unesco.org. Check your junk folder if you do not receive the activation link and contact oceandecadenetwork@unesco.org if you are unable to find it (or for other concerns about signing up and logging in). For more information on how to use the Network, visit the ‘resources’ page in the Network menu. There you will find both PDF and video tutorials.  

the Ocean Practices Network

Note you need to have a Ocean Decade Network account, (forum.oceandecade.org/signup).

This network is available to all who have an interest to adopt or create and share superior methods for every activity in ocean observing from research to operations to applications.


The Ocean Best Practice Forum https://forum.oceanbestpractices.org, is an emerging forum. It consists of subforums, each focused on a specific area or discipline. For example, one subforum is for ecosystems moorings. Other topics are being added.