TT21-02: Value Chain Analysis and KPI Development


The OBPS is a sustained and collaborative community service, offering an archive management system for ocean methodologies and serving as a facilitator for associated capacity development/training activities.  However, in order for the OBPS itself to evolve, measuring the uptake of its content and its subsystems, as well as its specific services to the ocean community, is an important task in providing information that will guide and improve the OBPS and its services.

Understanding our value and contributions to the ocean research and applications community and our impacts is a foundation for the OBPS strategic evolution.  Motivated by the methods of Value Chain Analysis (VCA) and the concept of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), we see the need to identify precisely what value the OBPS adds to the ocean community alongside the required metrics and KPIs for measuring OBPS performance, success and impacts.


The value of each major process in the OBPS is clearly identified and the system’s operational performance, outcomes and impacts are systematically monitored and provide strategic information in support of the OBPS’  long-term goals.


The Task Team’s mission is:

  1. Assess the values and the impacts of each product and service the OBPS offers, and what measures could be used to monitor their advancement towards OBPS objectives.
  2. Develop metrics that give insight into the uptake of content from the OBPS across the ocean observing communities.
  3. Systematize the qualification and quantification of the OBPS performance, success and impacts, and publish them as open information on the OBPS.

Task Team Co-Chairs

Cristian Muñoz (Havforskningsinstituttet)

Nick Roden (Universitet I Bergen)

Contact information: obpcommunity[at]