Our 3rd Module on the OBPS Course is out!

Rebecca Zitoun & Ana Lara-Lopez previously described how the OBPS team is putting together an online course about ocean best practices. The first module ‘What is a best practice’  debuted in Issue 41, the second module ‘Creating a best practice‘ was promoted in Issue 43.

In the third module ‘How to Submit a Methodology‘, Pauline Simpson (OBPS Project Manager) introduces you to the Ocean Best Practices System and the steps needed to submit a document into the OBPS Repository, which is a permanent archive of ocean-related methodologies freely available, accessible and reusable by all.

If you are interested in learning about Ocean Best Practices go to IOC’s OceanTeacher e-Learning Platform. You will need to register (in case you do not have an account on OceanTeacher) to have access to the OBPS course. We hope you enjoy the course.