OceanGliders Best Practices are online!

The OceanGliders community achieved significant accomplishments related to developing best practices as a joint effort of EuroSea, the EuroGOOS Glider Task Team and H2020 GROOM II. Since the first global OceanGliders best practice workshop in May 2021, the glider community drafted various documents, i.e. Standard Operating Procedures SOPs for Salinity, Oxygen, Nitrate and Depth Average Currents

Key challenges related to best practice documents are making them easily updatable and having a flexible governance structure in place. Thus, in September 2021, OceanGliders moved to GitHub to organize the writing of the open-access community documents inclusively and transparently. The online community has attracted 107 members so far. Various GitHub training sessions have been provided to the OceanGliders Community members to support the new asynchronous working mode on GitHub. The Oxygen SOP is the most advanced and is preparing for version 1.0 to be submitted to the OBPS repository. All SOPs will be submitted to the OBPS repository after an open community review on GitHub. Peer-reviewed publications that summarized the SOPs content are planned to be submitted.

Everyone is welcome to join this community effort i.e. by providing feedback via comments just below the online documents or introducing themselves here