The new EuroGOOS Biological Observations working group will work on best practices

By Ana Lara-Lopez

EuroGOOS main focus has been operational oceanography, mostly in the physical domain. The newly formed Biological Observations Working Group (BIOWG) in EuroGOOS is the first of its kind for the organisation and constitutes a first step into implementing its 2030 Strategy.

This new WG is chaired by Nicolas Pade from EMBRC and Markus Lindh from SMHI, holding its first meeting in September this year. The working group will be working on SOP and data standards for observations of life via DNA-based methods and imaging. In addition, they will be looking at developing recommendations for the development of new sensors and autonomous platforms and the integration of existing approaches. These recommendations aim to inform other observatories about available methods and their appropriate and specific use in the European context.

A key aspect of this working group is to strengthen links with OBPS and contribute to this effort. Two members of the OBPS Steering Group are participating in this new working group and will be supporting and maintaining this link.