OBPS at the 2nd EuroSea Anniversary Webinar

By Jay Pearlman

EuroSea is a large European Union project helping stakeholders to co-design European ocean observing and forecasting services and products that deliver information and support decision-making in the areas of climate, coastal and maritime activities, and ocean health. On 25th November 2021, OBPS joined the 2nd EuroSea Anniversary Webinar. The event brought together the EuroSea stakeholders and users to take stock of the anticipated impacts of the EuroSea work and its contributions to pan-European and global ocean observing and policy. Jay Pearlman moderated a panel on Ocean Best Practices, the successes, the challenges and the vision forward.  Sylvie Pouliquen of Ifremer discussed best practices for network integration and FAIR principles. Soeren Thomson of LOCEAN IPSL reviewed the evolution of best practices for Ocean underwater gliders. Jaime Hernandez of SOCIB addressed the challenges of best practices for ocean modeling. These presentations will be available from EuroSea in the near future.