EMODnet Jamboree Special Session: Ocean Best Practices – Improving data access and interoperability

This special session was hosted by the EMODnet Secretariat on the 16th June 2021 in the framework of the EMODnet Jamboree and was co-organised by the EMODnet partnership, the IOC Ocean Best Practices System (OBPS) team, and other key external initiatives. The Chairs were Jan-Bart Calewaert (EMODnet) Secretariat and Frank Muller-Karger (OBPS).
The session included short presentations by OBPS and EMODnet to provide a high level framework with key developments, status and opportunities to set the stage for discussions on new methods in using EMODnet and OBPS. An overview of OBPS was provided by Johannes Karstensen  with Conor Delaney outlining the standards used in EMODnet, followed by testimonies from EMODnet developers, data providers and users giving insights into experience in creating and adopting standards and best practices of EMODnet, underpinning data infrastructures and initiatives.
Plenary Discussion focussed on four topics:
– What can EMODnet do next to contribute EU expertise to global ocean best practices?
– What processes to put in place to create EMODnet best practices
EMODnet as OBPS Ambassador/s

  • EMODnet as a regional best practice: What does EMODnet already do well, and what can EMODnet do more?
  • Collaboration with training and capacity development expertise – what is needed and how can we address it?
  • How can EMODnet collaborate more into the future with OBPS e.g. EuroSea, JERICO, ENVRI-FAIR, other

– Globalizing the data collaborative – engagement in the Ocean Organization